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Expert Advice When Purchasing Diamonds


It is often said a “diamond is forever” and for good reason. Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man. This exquisite gemstone comes with beauty, brilliance and durability which makes it the most popular and practical gemstone choice for daily wear in jewellery.

The most common colour diamond is the white, however they come in a wide spectrum of colours including pink, yellow, orange, champagne and cognac.

Beeck Jewellery Design are able to source a magnificent range of high quality white and coloured diamonds in all sizes and shapes.

The diamonds used at Beeck Jewellery Design are personally selected for their “Ideal Cut” and individual characteristics, along with determination to achieve the best value for money for our clients. An “Ideal Cut” guarantees a spectacular balance of brilliance, sparkle and fire.

What is an “Ideal Cut” Diamond?

An “Ideal Cut” diamond is cut to precise angles and proportions to gain the optimum reflection and refraction of light.

To help our clients to choose the correct diamond we refer to the 4 C’s of the diamond.

Cut – The cut is the most important. The diamond’s eye catching brilliance comes from the cutting of facets and angles in proportion to each other. The best cut will reflect light from facet to facet and return light through the crown (top) of the diamond.

Colour – A white diamond appears colourless, however most have traces of yellow. The less colour of a white diamond contains the greater the value. The grading of white diamonds commences at D and descends to Z. Coloured diamond scaling is opposite and more intense the colour, the greater the value.

Clarity – A diamond’s clarity refers to any inclusions or marks on the diamond. Flawless stones are rare and extremely valuable. Most imperfections are not visible to the naked eye. For this reason clarity is graded under 10 times magnification. Grades correspond with the International Clarity Scale.

Carat Weight – The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. Weight is a factor in determining value of a diamond, however 2 diamonds with the same weight may vary due to their quality. Weight only indicates size.


We all have jewellery we hold close to our hearts, by following a few simple steps your jewellery will always look new.

Do not wear your jewellery when doing laborious work such as gardening, working out at the gym or cleaning.

Remember to remove jewellery when swimming in a pool, sauna or spa. Chemicals tend to leave a soapy film and dull the appearance of the metal.

Cleaning your jewellery –Always take time and have your jewellery professionally polished. When at home, clean your jewellery with mild detergent in water and remember to dry and polish with a clean soft polishing cloth after.