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About Michael Beeck

Beeck Jewellery Design is a unique experience of expert craftsmanship and beautiful jewels.

Unlike mainstream jewellery stores Beecks offer confidential and personalised service, all focused on your individual preferences. Beecks create something for you, rather than you choosing from a range of stock produced pieces.

Expert Craftsman Michael Beeck firmly believes in creating a masterpiece that fits with each personality.

“Every customer starts as a blank canvas, and together we create something that is perfect.

I like to focus on the style and personal taste that is unique to each individual. No two customers are the same, and jewellery should reflect and fit comfortably with the wearer’s personality.”

Michael Beeck has a passion for creativity and a firm dedication to detail and quality. Each jewellery piece is made with precision and from the raw materials hand picked by each customer.

“Creative design is about making something that is perfect for the customer, and each customer is different. There is something so special about wearing something that has been hand crafted specifically for you, and represents your own character.”

With Beeck Jewellery Design, your jewellery is as individual as you are.