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About Beeck Jewellery Design

Beeck Jewellery Design, based in Nedlands, is centred on the work of expert jeweller Michael Beeck. Michael’s work is renowned for its outstanding quality, design and individuality. With over 25 years experience as an expert craftsman, with specialist skills in creating gold and platinum one-off pieces and has now established the company Beeck Jewellery Design.

Beeck Jewellery Design prides itself on the continued practice of traditional hand making techniques, ensuring that each piece has an individual grace and superior quality.

At Beeck Jewellery Design each new piece starts with the raw material. We sit down with our clients and involve them in the process of selecting natural gemstones and precious metals to ensure the jewellery perfectly reflects the client’s tastes and style.

All clients receive a personalised design service and can view our traditional hand crafting techniques through our on-site workshop.

At Beeck Jewellery Design all pieces are designed with longevity in mind and all workmanship is guaranteed to be of the highest level.